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Relationship Therapist

Psychosexual Therapy

Talking through sexual difficulties and exploring treatments can be an extremely effective approach for many couples and individuals experiencing difficulties in their sex life.  Sexual problems may be longstanding, they may have been there for the whole relationship, or they may have developed recently. Sexual problems can come and go depending on the situation or circumstances.  This can be upsetting and difficult to talk about, and can have a huge impact on personal relationships. 

Psychosexual therapy is a holistic approach that seeks to understand root causes of the sexual problems and explore psychological and behavioural approaches to solve them.  

Common issues that bring couples and individuals for psychosexual therapy include:  

  • Lack of sex in the relationship
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Premature ejaculation 
  • Delayed ejaculation 
  • Low desire 
  • Vaginismus 
  • Female Genital pain 
  • Difference in desire 
  • Lack of orgasm 
  • Sexuality 
  • Shame 
  • Affairs 
  • Lack of sexual confidence 
  • Religion/faith impact on sex life

… and many other reasons unique to each individual or couple.   

Therapy can be online or face to face in East Grinstead, and cost between £70 and £100.   An initial consultation lasts 75 minutes, ongoing sessions are 50 minutes long. 

Sex is just another form of talk, where you act the words instead of saying them.
D. H. Lawrence